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‘Andalusian’ is an original painting by the talented artist Natalie Stutely.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 20″ x 20″

Original painting


Price: Please enquire


British Equestrian Artist

Original oil paintings

(b.1972) Bedford, England
Born in 1972, Natalie has harboured an ardent love for horses as long as she can remember. Such was her love of horses, as children, she and her twin sister saved their pocket and birthday money to buy their first pony, Cherry. It is this pure, devoted passion that continues to radiate from Natalie’s work today, making her work positively infectious. Natalie’s original motivation for painting goes back to her early childhood. Asking her mother to draw a horse, her mother effortlessly sketched the most beautiful horse Natalie had ever seen, the curving, wild lines of his arching neck and flowing mane deeply ingrained in her memory. In addition to her early exposure to the arts, Natalie’s rural upbringing on her family farm in Bedfordshire has also been a major influence on her work. From a young age her father encouraged her to think outside the box, but also ingrained the value of technical work, teaching her basic wood working, metal working and welding. It is this application of balanced creativity and technicality that makes Natalie’s work so unique. Natalie’s style of painting and drawing also stems from her combined interest in Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite art. She is also fascinated by movement, the play of light and shadow, and the spectrum of colour it creates. She therefore aims to build depth and fluidity in her paintings, be it in the power and magnificence of a horse or the lightness and delicacy of fine detail. Natalie’s path to becoming an artist has been both direct and successful. At the age of 14 she gained her Art A-Level at Aylesbury Grammar, before than going on to study at Amersham Art College and gain additional A -Levels in Art and Ceramics. After graduating, she went on to work with art agents and publishers, producing posters and greeting cards of British wildlife. Today, Natalie paints professionally from her home in Wiltshire, working on collections for galleries as well as exclusive commission work. Her work has been featured in Buckinghamshire Life Magazine, and has been exhibited at national exhibitions including the Witney Feast Art Festival, The Chinnor Art Show, Stowe School, Buckinghamshire and the Horse Trust at Speen.
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