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Snow White

“Snow White” original by Tony Hinchliffe

Oil on canvas

20″ x 20″

Tony has always loved the sense of escapism that comes with creating artwork. He is passionate about exploring his creativity, constantly considering and developing techniques to keep a feeling of energy within his work. There is a loose expressive element in his artwork, complimented by a little more detail to describe a focal point  that he wants the viewer to consider with more intention. His preferred medium is oil paint, he does sometimes create an acrylic under-painting first, as he really likes the way the oil paint behaves when applied over acrylic. Another of his interesting techniques is to dilute the oil paint down with turpentine in the initial stages and use it like watercolour. Tony's figurative painting is all about depicting the mood and intimacy within a moment, using  a loose expressive approach to brushwork, trying to be spontaneous while carefully considering the mixing and placement of strong contrasting values to create the illusion of depth. Tony believes the thousands of hours he has spent drawing figures from life, has been fundamental to the development of his figurative painting style - mainly because of the ability to observe the little details in body language directly, that can suggest all manner of narrative. Tony says his favourite one is that everyone has perfect imperfections. Tony really enjoy teaching figure drawing and painting which means he is constantly examining, tweaking and improving the process, the possibilities really are endless. He says success is when he can look back at his finished artwork and recall accurately how he felt during the  process of painting, a little like reading back through a diary.
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